K-Mack Furniture

KME Fabricates all of its furniture to the most demanding standards so that your piece will be sure to last for many years to come. We construct every joint with glue, which is then clamped & "welded" with our high tech machine to provide an exceptionally sturdy product. The use of nails and or screws to all joints that will allow for it aesthetically is done to help insure the overall strength.

The quality of our materials is never sacrificed; we use only A-1 stain grade veneers, sequenced and/or book matched to provide your pieces with a consistent look and feel. Our hardwoods are Premium select in grade to insure that the look and feel of quality is continued.

We use an arduous five step finishing process with hand application, from sanding to finish rubbing. Our stain process uses only products that will enhance the natural beauty of the wood, not cover it. The 2-part catalyst based lacquer finish we use is designed to hold up to commercial bar top usage, so we know it will provide excellent protection along with outstanding beauty to your piece of furniture.

Our work surfaces are recommended to be a high-pressure laminate for its superior wear resistance, and we will only use "horizontal grade", because it is the thickest available. We will use any of the four major manufactures products; Formica, Wilsonart, Nevamar & Pionite styles are all available to help broaden your clients selection.

But most of all we think it is our design that set us apart from others. Unique & distinctive, with a particular flair for the custom, KME furniture will not leave your client or you disappointed.

If you do not see a solution for your systems requirements as you browse through the site, just give us a call, and we will most happily design one with you.